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At Detour Odyssey, we believe that being mindful of our impact means embracing a new way of traveling.

And we believe it should be simple and accessible to as many people as possible. So we’re not a tailor-made travel agency or a simple transport comparator, but an “all-in-one” digital solution for your low-carbon trips.

Traveler exploring a city by foot

40 times less CO2 emissions
200 times more wonder

Travel low-carbon and reconnect with borders, landscapes, in an adventure unique to each journey. Experience 10 trips in one, with a diversity of unforgettable experiences, environments and encounters.

*differential in CO2 emissions/person, taking into account only the transport dimension for a 1000km journey, between a journey by plane and a journey combining high-speed train and Intercités-type train.
Source: Transport comparator ADEME agencu

Low-carbon travel made easy with our digital travel agent

Aiming to travel in a way that minimizes its impact means questions and research that can be overwhelming: finding a destination, designing an itinerary, identifying useful providers and services along the way.

So trust our “low-carbon detours” search engine, which will recommend destinations, itineraries and services in line with your values and your concern for preserving the planet. Without the cost of a tailor-made travel agency, because you’ll be the designer of your trip!

Préparation d'un voyage bas carbone avec carte et carnet
Only leave your footprint sign - Clean beach ecofriendly trip

Low-carbon travel for real!

Our travel designer excludes air travel, clubs, hotel chains, or restaurants offering you to eat tomato salad in winter in Copenhagen (!).

For us, low-carbon and eco-responsible travel means reducing our impact in concrete terms through an approach in which every dimension of travel is taken into account, without sacrificing the pleasure of discovering and exploring other cultures.

Impact of worldwide tourism on CO2 emissions

Tourists’ number estimation in 2040 (according to WTO)

Your experience of an unforgettable and eco-friendly trip