Travelling differently for a positive impact

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Our mission: Reconcile discovery of other cultures with respect for the planet

Travel as we have known it for 20 years is incompatible with the objective of 2 tonnes of CO2 per inhabitant per year, or the carbon footprint of only one trip to New York or one long haul one way flight. Rather than stop flying, can we consider it primarly for destinations where there is no alternative? What if one solution was to travel differently than we have done for the past twenty years?

We are not aiming for “zero carbon” travel, but we can get closer to it with responsible choices of transport, services, activities and behavior on site.

With “Detour Odyssey”, we want to offer a solution so that anyone who wants to travel differently can do so simply.

So that we are more and more… To experience trips with a positive impact: maximum stars in our eyes and protection of the planet!

The concept